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Live Venous Symposium (LVS), October 22-23 2021.

The main goal is to train and inspire:

Due to the pandemic, I thought of a full online training event with live workshops. Being present online in the studios / rooms, each participant will be able to dialogue directly with the experts. In hands-on workshops, tutors will instruct and guide you through the training session, giving feedback on each learning.

The training program will offer 11 live sessions / workshops to choose from.

Every single person can register for the Live Venous Symposium now and select their favorite workshops by taking a full 2-day training program.

Participation in the presence of a limited number of people is foreseen, guaranteeing an exclusive training that will allow the professional to be able to practice everything he has learned.

In addition, we will try to offer people connected via the web a fantastic training experience. Thanks to technological advances we have been able to introduce several innovations that we hope will induce the feeling of a "real" event from person to person as faithful as possible and introduce new networking possibilities.

Through our virtual platform you should be able to meet our experts, fellow delegates and exhibitors during each session, the video chat and the network, using the dedicated "networking" rooms. ECM certificates will be available to all participants.

The LVS wants to achieve its goal thanks to the great work done by the people who work to make it happen, to the teachers and sponsors who provide their unconditional support.

LVS will host sessions of:

• Live cases (Laser, Radiofrequency, Sclerofoam, glue, Ecocolor Doppler, Ulcers, etc)

• Interesting cases

• Satellite symposia

We will make every effort to meet the needs of all our attendees and sponsors, and we hope that the LIVE hybrid edition will allow more attendees, and those who have traditionally found it difficult to attend webinars in person, to achieve their desired goals.

The normal exhibition hall will be replaced by a virtual exhibition platform. Christian Baraldi, MD

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