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Minimally invasive vascular surgery requires a precise organization not only of times, spaces and surgical instruments, but also of team work.

Dr. Baraldi employs a highly specialized staff in the specific roles assigned. Professionalism, precision, the pursuit of excellence, team work together are the trump cards of this team game. Every single phase of the intervention is carefully planned and monitored for the certainty of the results and the greatest possible patient comfort. For maximum safety - even if not necessary for this type of intervention - the constant presence of an anesthesiologist and the provision of resuscitation equipment are guaranteed.

The surgeon's work takes place in sync and in complementarity with that of the Sala staff responsible for preparing the patient and the tools necessary to perform the surgical act, such as the Laser. The patient's preparation cannot be separated from the preoperative organization which the secretary takes care of in a punctual and meticulous way. The division of roles and the adequate number of team members ensure the meticulousness of the procedures and the reduction of surgical times, while promoting a lower impact on the patient and immediate recovery to normal daily activities.

The patient always in the foreground.

Dr. Baraldi and his staff focus solely on the patient's personalized surgical treatment, intervening with excellent results even on young patients and in borderline cases, often perceived by others as "incurable". From acceptance at the front office to the preliminary visit, up to the surgical treatment, each patient will receive the utmost attention and professionalism, in a welcoming environment prepared to make the surgical or medical treatment that is necessary extremely comfortable.

The surgical intervention is scheduled in a completely personalized form and also using high-level instruments during the preliminary visit. Here, some subjective and objective characteristics are evaluated, including the diagnosis of the current varicose disease, that of its future projection and the most appropriate surgical procedure or set of procedures.

Dr. Baraldi is always available to his patients not only before and during the surgery, but also in the post-operative course, providing them with personal attention for any eventuality.

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Dr. Christian Baraldi

Medical Manager

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